Young Adult Summer Reading

Registration begins July 1st.

Everyone who registers between July 1 and July 31 will receive a raffle ticket to win tickets to the Riverhead Aquarium.

(if you do not want to enter the raffle for the Aquarium tickets, you may use your raffle ticket for one of the other raffle prizes.

Earn points for reading great books and participating in fun activities over the summer. Earn more points by completing community service activities, attending programs, and more! Collect 500 points over the summer to complete the club and be entered into the Grand Prize raffle! Don’t stop at 500 points, the more you do, the more points you earn and can redeem for raffle tickets!

Registration is open to any South Country cardholders who are entering 6th grade and 18 years old. Please stop by the Teen Service Desk to receive your reading/activity logs. You may drop off your raffle tickets at any time in any of the Raffle Boxes located in the Young Adult Department.

Points (Raffle tickets can be redeemed every 100 points):

  • 200 pages = 100 points
  • 5 hours = 100 points
  • All Programs = 100 points (Raffle tickets will be given out at the end of each program.)

Read! You may read any of the following:

  • Books
  • Graphic Novels, Manga, & Comic Books
  • Audio Books on CD, Playaway or Digital
  • e-books and e-audio books

You are encouraged to borrow books from the library and/or download books from the library using Overdrive and Hoopla.

You log by pages or if you prefer, by hours.  Redeem your points for raffle tickets to great prizes. The more you do this summer, the more points you will earn!  You will have until August 20th to redeem your raffle tickets. All raffles winners will be chosen on August 22nd.

Click here for a list of Programs 

Click here for a list of Prizes


Challenges are extra activities you can do to earn more raffle tickets!  

Scratch off the Challenges on your Challenge Sheet as you complete them. For every 3 Challenges you complete you will receive an extra raffle ticket.

Challenges include:

  • Going to the Beach (and building a sandcastle!)
  • Visiting a Farm
  • Doing a Historical Tour
  • Shopping at a Local Business (this includes restaurants)
  • Watching an Outdoor Movie
  • Going to a Concert
  • Participate or be a spectator at the Bellport Bay 5K
  • Watch Fireworks
  • Visit CEED (Center for Environmental Education and Discovery)
  • Visit The Post Morrow Foundation
  • Go to a Park
  • Go to Bellport Day (and visit the South Country Library table!)
  • Bonus Challenge – Go to the Brookhaven Free Library and ask them to stamp your card (this is worth 1 raffle ticket)

While you are encouraged to do the Challenges locally, many of them can be completed outside of the South Country Library district.

You are not required to have anyone sign off that these Challenges are completed.