Library Card Apply/Renew

If you would like to renew your South Country library card or apply for a new card, please complete the form below, upload the necessary photo ID/address verification, and you will be contacted within 2-5 days by a staff member from Patron Services.

Library cards are renewed for 2 years. New card applicants will be emailed their barcode to begin immediately using the library online; the physical card will be mailed to you. If you are replacing a lost or damaged card, a $2.00 replacement card fee will be added to your account.

Go here to view our Patron Services Policy

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    Adult card terms
    As a library patron, I will comply with the lending rules and policies pertaining to library materials and use. I will be responsible for any fines incurred on this account

    Children's and Young Adult card terms
    Legally I am responsible for all materials and fines incurred on my child’s card. Legally I am not entitled to know what materials my child has checked out. Responsibility for access restrictions on Library materials for children and adolescents’ rests with their parents or legal guardians.

    Internet and Audio/visual permission for minors
    Internet: I give my child permission to use the Internet Service. Understanding that the Library does not monitor material on the World Wide Web, I hereby release the Library of all liability in connection with my child’s use of the Internet Service.
    Audio/visual materials: I authorize my child to check out audio/visual material. I understand the Library has G, PG, PG-13, R, and unrated audio/visual materials including movies and video games.

    Image of Photo ID and Address Verification
    Applicants for library cards must provide a photo ID and verification of their physical address. Any of the following items imprinted with both the applicant's name and address will be accepted as form of official address verification: • A current New York Driver's License, ID card, student ID or work ID • A current rent or lease agreement • A current utility bill • A current voter registration card • A current renter's homeowner's or car insurance policy • A current property tax statement • Checks with an address imprinted on the face of the check • Bellport Village Identification Card
    If you do not have one of the official forms of address verification listed above but are able to upload a photo ID and a recently postmarked envelope mailed to you at your address, we will issue you a card.
    If you are a non-resident of South Country but work in the district and are applying for a card, please provide a photo ID, verification of your home address, and verification of your employment in South Country (pay stub, work ID/badge, or other valid documentation).

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