Mission Statement

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South Country Library Mission Statement

The  South Country Library  is  a community centered  facility providing materials and  services to  help patrons  meet their  needs  for personal, educational, and/or professional  information.  Emphasis is place on the following roles:

·         Popular materials library:  featuring current, high-demand, high-interest materials in a variety of formats for persons of all ages.

·         Preschoolers’  door to  learning:  encouraging young  children  to develop an interest  in  reading and  learning  through  services for children,  and  for parents and  children  together.

·         Reference library:  providing timely, accurate, and useful information for community residents.  Offering knowledge and assist   nee to help researchers to conduct in-depth studies through contacts with special institutions, inter-library loan, or other interactions.

·         Formal education support center:  assisting students of all ages

·         Community Center for activities and information:  being a central focus for meetings, programs, concerts, and a clearinghouse for current information on community organizations, issues and services.