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Get free, online homework help from one-on-one tutors, daily from 2 PM to 11 PM through our partnership with Brainfuse. Available in English and Spanish, for early elementary through high school students, in core subject areas. Video content and other resources are also available 24 hours a day.


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Biography Reference Bank (H.W. Wilson)

Offers a comprehensive collection of more than 450,000 full text biographies, including the complete full text run of Biography Today and Biography Magazine.

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Britannica Escolar

Un excelente recurso digital en español que ayuda a enriquecer el aprendizaje de los estudiantes de primaria.

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Britannica School Elementary

Find articles, images, videos, audio clips, primary sources, maps, research tools, recommended web sites, and more about any subject.

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Experience the world through cultural information on over 200 countries, explore all U.S. states and Canadian provinces, and get a kid’s-eye view of daily life in countries around the world.

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Learn more about your favorite subject. Read magazines, newspapers, biographies, primary sources, and country information. Find images for class projects and learn vocabulary.  Translate articles into more than 30 languages.

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Kids Info Bits (NOVELNY)

Kids InfoBits contains more than 100 full-text kids magazines, more than 6,400 images, Merriam-Webster®’s Elementary Dictionary and 1,200 maps, flags & seals and over 1,700 colorful charts and graphs.

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Novelist K-8 Plus

Identify books you’d like to read based on titles, authors and topics you have read and enjoyed. Check out the book reviews as well.

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Science Online

Has science biographies, diagrams, essays, science experiments, and timelines.

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Something About the Author

Examine the lives and works of authors and illustrators for children and young adults.

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World Book

Includes encyclopedia articles, primary source collections, educator tools, student activities, pictures, audio, and video, complemented by current periodicals and related Web sites. Includes: World Book Student, World Book Online Info Finder, World Book Online Reference Center, World Book Online For Kids, World Book Differentiated Package, Enciclopedia Estudiantil Hallazgos Hispanica, World Book Kids, World Book Advanced, and World Book Discover.

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