Using the Fax Machine

South Country Library offers a self-serve public fax machine. The cost for faxes within the U.S is $1.00 per page. The incoming fax machine is available at $1.00 per page.

The fax machine accepts dollar bills and coins.

The fax machine offers the following features:

  • Print confirmation of documents sent.
  • A copy of the first page sent is printed on the confirmation.

Using the Printers

Please note the following about our printers.

  • You will receive $1.00 per day in free printing with your library card. After this amount has run out, you may place money on your library card at the Patron Services desk.
  • For patrons who don’t have a card or who left their cards at home, they can get a guest pass. Printing from a guest pass doesn’t include any free printing.
  • Black/white pages are $.10 per page; color pages are $.50 per page.

Printing from a Wireless Device

  • E-mail your document(s)/photo(s) as an attachment(s) to and go to the Patron Services desk at the front of the library to have the staff print your item(s).
  • Cost is $.10 cents per page for black and white pages and $.50 cents per page for color pages.

Using the Photocopiers
Please note the following about our photocopying services:

  • The library has two copy machines. Both machines copy in black and white and one also copies in color. The copiers can be found in our Business Center near the front of the library.
  • Black/white copies are $.10 per page; color copies are $.50 per page.
  • The cash boxes next to each copier accepts coins or bills.
  • To use the photocopiers, please follow these steps:
  1. Deposit money. You may darken the copy, zoom in or out, or change other preferences once you have deposited your money.
  2. Line up your original using the guides at the sides of the glass.
  3. Press “Start” to copy.
  4. Copies come out below the main copy window.
  5. Press the coin return button to retrieve any change due.

Using the Scanner 
Please note the following about our scanning services:

  • There is no charge to scan a document and save it to a USB (flash) drive or to e-mail it to yourself or someone else. There is a $.10 cent charge for black and white and $.50 charge for color printouts from the scanner.
  • To use the scanner, please follow the instructions on the touch-screen.