Children’s Summer Reading Club

Sign up in-person at the Children’s Desk.

This free, easy club encourages kids to keep reading through the summer. Registration is open, so join today!

For children newborn – going into 5th grade in September 2022.

  • Sign up at the Children’s Desk, get a reading record
  • Child reads or listens to books
  • Mark a circle on the reading record for every 20 minutes read
  • Return with the reading record each week to get a weekly prize. Minimum of 20 minutes of reading/listening per week

But wait, there are more prize possibilities!

If you have a super reader/listener, for every hour they read/listen beyond the 20 minute minimum, they will earn a raffle ticket. Limit of three raffle tickets per week. Each week a winner will be randomly selected to win the weekly raffle.

If you visit the Brookhaven Free Library and a librarian stamps your reading record, you’ll earn an extra raffle ticket for the Lucky Ticket Raffle. Only 1 extra ticket may be earned.

And only participants in the Children’s Summer Reading Club will be eligible for the Lucky Ticket Raffle on August 19, 20 and 22. We will display the fun prizes they can win, participants receive 3 free tickets and choose which great prize they would like to win. Winners will be randomly selected and notified by phone.


Who can join the Children’s Reading Club? A child, newborn through going into 5th grade in September 2022, who lives within the South Country School District, or is temporarily residing for the summer in the South Country area, or has a babysitter/nanny who lives in the South Country area.

When can we sign up? Starting Friday, July 1, 2022.

We will be away at the beginning of July. Can we still join? Yes! The club opens on July 1, but you can sign up anytime afterwards.

Do you need a library card? No, we will not ask for your library card, but please consider getting a card. You won’t be able to register for programs or check out materials without a library card. And with an adult South Country Library card, you can check out free museum passes.

My child doesn’t read yet. Can we join? Yes! As long as someone reads to the child, they can join the reading club.

My child struggles with reading. Can they still join? We designed the club so that children of all levels and capabilities could participate. The amount a struggling or reluctant reader reads is an accomplishment worth honoring. So just 20 minutes of reading/listening qualifies a child for a weekly prize.

Does the child who reads the most win a prize? No. But for every hour a child read or listens beyond the 20 minute minimum, they will earn a raffle ticket. They can earn a maximum of 3 tickets per week. Each week one winner will be randomly selected to win the weekly raffle.

Do we have to write down the book titles? No, we don’t require you to write the book titles.

Does the child have to read certain books? No, they can read whatever they’d like.

What if we lose the reading record? Come to the Children’s Desk and we will give you a new reading record.

What if we fill up all the circles on the reading record? Come to the Children’s Desk and we’ll give you another one.

Can all my children share one reading record? No, each child has to have their own reading record to receive a prize. It’s the way we keep track of prizes and minutes. But you don’t have to write down the book titles, so it’s easy to mark each record.

What if we forget our reading record at home? You must have the reading record to get a prize. But you have a whole week to show your reading record and pick out a weekly prize.

What if we are away for one week? We have a make-up week 8/15-8/19. During that week you can make-up one of the weeks you may have missed.

Can’t we just get 2 prizes in one week? Sorry, no. Other kids won’t understand why one kid gets to pick two prizes, and the prize is for reading AND visiting the library each week. We do have a make-up week at the end that you can do.

Do we have to read library books? Our goal is to encourage reading/listening. It does help the library when families check out books, but you can read whichever books you like.

My toddler wants me to read the same book over and over. Does that count? It is developmentally appropriate for young children to want to hear a book over and over. So go ahead and mark down how many minutes you read to your child, even if it’s the same book over and over.

Does the reading record have to be full for us to get a prize? No. As long as the child reads or listens for a minimum of 20 minutes and returns to the library, they can get a prize. Come back each week to show us the reading record.

My grandchildren are staying with me for the summer. Can they join? Yes.

We are renting a house here for the summer. Can our children join? Yes.

We don’t live in the South Country District, but our nanny/babysitter does and she brings the kids to the South Country Library. Can they join the reading club? Yes.

My child is going into 6th grade in September 2022. Now what? They can join the Teen/Young Adult Reading Club and get a teen library card.

Is there a reading club for grown-ups? Yes, you can register at the Adult Reference Desk.

Can we do the reading club and programs at both Brookhaven Free Library and South Country Library? Yes!

Do kids get a certificate to show they’ve participated in the reading club? Yes, we give out a certificate at the end.

We will be on vacation during the Lucky Ticket Raffle. What do we do? Email and we’ll send you a list of the prizes. Your child can tell us which ones they’d like to win, and we’ll enter the tickets for them.