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Take 2: Virtual Vacation to Austria: Salzburg & Vienna  
May 30 – Jun 5 all-day

There was a typo in last week’s blurb, so if you used the email link provided and had it bounce, please accept Jen’s apology.  You may still email with the subject “Austria” to receive that video link.

For many Americans, the Sound of Music was our first introduction to Austria and especially the starring city of Salzburg. There is so much more to this country than its association with a Hollywood production. It was Marie Antoinette’s childhood playground and home base for the rulers of most of central Europe, the Hapsburgs and the Holy Roman Empire. Seventeenth century carillon chimes, trick fountains, imperial jewels and Roman ruins – so much packed into one country! 


Virtual Vacation: London, England
May 30 – Jun 5 all-day

London is a compact, vibrant city where modern sights coexist with ancient in an odd kind of synergy. Where else could you find a Gherkin and the Eye sharing a skyline with the venerable Westminster Abbey and Big Ben? We’ll also explore “hidden” spots including the newly opened Galleries of Westminster, and the secret bunker of Winston Churchill! Email by Friday, June 5 with the subject “London” to receive the video link available for you to view at your convenience.